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Introducing ClearEar™️

- the ultimate solution for removing earwax safely and easily.

Built-in 3 million pixel HD camera

This innovative device has a built-in 3 million pixel HD camera that connects to your smartphone via an easy-to-use app, so you can see clearly inside your ear while removing wax.

Brand New 14mm Chip

ClearEar™️ also has a powerful, all-new chip that ensures a strong and stable Wi-Fi signal, so you can use it with confidence wherever you are. In addition, its intelligent temperature control system ensures that the device maintains a safe and comfortable temperature during use.

IP67- Water Resistance 

With IP67 water resistance, you can use ClearEar™️ in the shower for added convenience. So why settle for traditional methods of removing earwax when you can use ClearEar™️ for a safe, easy and visual experience? Try it today and say goodbye to earwax build-up for good!
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